The Story book, A Note for Children

"A Note for Children"  

Written & Illustrated by Linda Hannah Young

A Note for Children

Review by Elisa Garcia, Author, Scriptwriter,Texas - USA

In what will certainly emerge as the music teacher's most prized tool, "A Note for Children" blends beginning notation concepts with a seamless narrative to yield a delightful, deceptively simple, introduction to rhythmic verbiage and theory.  The tale, set "just north of the Land of Bass" in The Land of Treble Clef, also serves to lay the foundation for eventual rhythmic placement .... yet it's the ingenious method by which these building blocks of musical education are constructed which truly distinguishes "A Note for Children" from similarly-themed books already on the market:

The secret? Young literally enlivens the notes!


Each of them -- whole, quarter, and everything in between-- are personified! The result is a zany and quirky assortment of characters who come together for fun, adventure, and, yes, beautiful music.  From the staid and solitary "Grand-pa-pa-pa" (whole note) to the seldom separate lovebirds, "Mr. & Mrs. Quaver" (eighth note(s)), Young's take on teaching introductory, exploratory notation exemplifies creative arts application at its most sophisticated, yet accessible, level; that these characters are so instantly and memorably relatable to the beginning audience is testament to this veteran author/teacher's considerable instructional skill.  Within these pages, it is easy to forget the story's primarily educational objective when presented with such personalities as the lovely, often upside-down, Mrs. Minim, and the clean, also often upside-down, Mr. Crochet, both of whom represent key musical functions.  So, too, is it easy to forget that Young's clever characterizations and subtle value introductions ultimately function as a precursor to reading note placement.  Advanced students also benefit, and not just in a material review/ refreshment capacity; the book is peppered throughout with such higher concept references as legato, fermata, and time signatures.  The result, of course, is effective, enjoyable, and non-overwhelming education for all.


Technical concepts aside, "A Note for Children" also expounds on its fundamental lessons to encourage student creativity.  In what is perhaps this book's most winning attribute, "A Note for Children" includes six original songs which naturally lend themselves to individual composition! Budding musicians will appreciate the ease with which these catchy melodies are remembered and, later, elaborated upon.  Educators will marvel at the ease with which complex ideas are so accurately conveyed.


Rest assured -- Linda Hannah Young's "A Note for Children" is certain to strike a resounding chord in your students' beginning musical foray!

Also CD’s, MP4 recordings, Teacher’s Lesson Plan and Worksheet.

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