About us

Linda Hannah Young has been teaching children music for over 20 years.  During her early days of teaching she got discouraged by how difficult it was for children to learn the written notation.  She remembered her own learning experience as not being particularly pleasant and thought about how she could do it differently.

Linda started making up little stories about the notes, personifying them.  She found the children really responded well to this method and so did her colleagues who advised her to get the story on paper.  After a few years she did just that and has taught using this method in Australia and in Europe. She is the founder and director of Deeply Implicit, which is a platform for her creative endeavours.

Linda is married to Greg and they have two adult children and now a grandson.  She lives in rural Victoria, Australia.

Linda’s qualifications include:

Bachelor of Teacher, Bachelor of Education, Bachelor of Theology, Master of Arts

Linda is a teacher, minister, educator, spiritual director, and life coach.

Em: info@deeplyimplicit.com