My Nana’s Piano



One of my earliest memories is standing next to my nana as she played the piano; watching her hands move up and down the keyboard and making great music. This picture is of her piano, which I now own. It always fascinated me how she could play, and sing at the same time. There was another thing that I found amazing; she didn’t have any music in front of her, only a list of the songs she liked to play.  Pretty clever!

There is something so innately amazing about music.  It cuts through the conscious mind and meanders deep into the subconscious, the soul really. It has the ability to take us back to places and people, times and events just by the hearing of a few notes that make a familiar melody.

There are studies done all the time as to how the learning of music effects cognitive development.  I know it’s true when I visit nursing homes and hear stories of people who cannot remember what happened five minutes ago, but can still play the piano – fascinating.


Enjoy life, enjoy your music,

Linda Hannah Young

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