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The Story book

– A Note for Children

Educators have long sought to meld instruction with entertainment; after all, learning with laughter is the surest method of imparting a lifelong lesson and is, ultimately, the hallmark of an inspired teacher.

Linda Hannah Young’s “A Note for Children” scores beautifully on both counts.


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This package is simply the picture story book, A Note for Children and an accompanying CD with 6 original, catchy tracks. Here you’ll find the foundation material to teach children the rudimentary notes for reading music.

This is it!  A lovely book and CD which is an amazing teaching aid for young children.  Children delight in the notes and their funny ways.  The CD is full with very contagious tunes that reinforce the learning found in the book.
                    A Note for Children would make a delightful, educative gift.


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This Basic Package contains all you need to teach fundamental music to young people.
You will receive all the merchandise as both hard and digital formats.
In the Teacher’s Workbook you will find 11 Units of Work, each with up to 6 Lesson Activities, Song Sheets, Guitar Chords, Games, Photocopy-able Worksheets etc.
CD – Teacher’s Edition including two backing tracks for performance.







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The Complete Suite has absolutely everything you’ll need to run a music program.  Included is a script which can be used for an end of year performance, along with backing tracks for the children to sing to.










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